Welcome to a place where the thrill of sports meets the joy of teamwork, creating an environment where our students not only excel in the classroom but also on the field. Our sports department is committed to not only honing athletic skills but also instilling values of good conduct, promoting nutritional awareness, and emphasizing the importance of sportsmanship etiquette, ensuring a holistic approach to sports education. Our students engage in a variety of activities that promote fitness and teamwork. It's more than just a field; it's a canvas for sporting aspirations and shared victories. The Swimming pool is a refreshing oasis for aquatic enthusiasts. Dive into the main pool for invigorating laps or introduce your little ones to the joy of water in our dedicated baby pool. Our commitment to water safety and enjoyment is reflected in every ripple. The basketball court, our well-maintained court is the perfect arena for shooting hoops, fostering sportsmanship, and honing athletic skills. Our soccer pitch where the love for football comes to life. Whether it's a spirited match among friends/other schools or a training session with our dedicated coaches, this pitch echoes with the cheers of young athletes chasing their goals. In every corner of our sports facilities, the spirit of healthy competition and friendship thrives. We believe that physical well-being is a crucial companion to academic success, and our sports amenities stand as a testament to that belief.


In Naisula School – Tilisi the Art room is a haven for creativity where imagination knows no bounds. Our students unleash their artistic potential in this space that inspires innovation and self-expression. The art room is a spacious room where students are involved in painting, drawing, printmaking, mosaic, collage, ornamentation, mixed media work and crafts making.


In our Music room, the notes of creativity resonate. It's a place where melodies are born, and talents are nurtured. Our students explore the magical realm of music in an environment designed to encourage their artistic growth. We have a variety of instruments which the students can choose from.