Headed by a talented and qualified team of experts in sports, Naisula School is geared towards offering a conducive environment for nurturing students’ talents in all sporting activities.
The sports department is also keen on providing appropriate advice on good behavior, nutritional values and the essential sports etiquette that reflect the acts of true sportsmanship.


Naisula School is keen in fostering creativity and allowing students to discover their full potential in creative arts. We have a spacious Art room where students are involved in painting, drawing, printmaking, mosaic, collage, fabric Design Graphic Design, ornamentation, mixed media work, fashion Design and crafts making.We offer a range of approaches to various media and techniques. Students are taught to appreciate Art in a broader context other than that of the classroom set up. Our students have the opportunity to explore the basic principles and elements in art and design. They have the chance to create various artworks using two-dimensional and three-dimensional materials.
In the art class, emphasis is placed in the development of the student’s critical thinking, aesthetic appreciation, research and personal initiative. The students are expected to present and display their work at the end of every topic.


Music in Naisula is a tool through which we inculcate the appreciation of cultural diversity. Our students have access to a range of musical instruments and an opportunity to sample various musical genres.The students have a lot of fun playing in different ensembles and bands. Through guidance from the music department, our students have presented very high quality music recitals. They have also presented at the school’s Christmas carol celebrations among other school occasions.
We offer music as a compulsory subject at key stage III and as an optional subject at key stage IV. The Naisula community appreciates the power of music to bring us together as stated in the school anthem: “Like a family we stand, we are bound by love and harmony...”


The school has a wide choice of co-curricular activities from which students can sign up for based on their interest and ability.