Get to know us

Located only 74kms from Nairobi, Naisula School is set in the serene plains of Maasailand. We offer a conducive learning environment for a student, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Naisula School has a clear vision and commitment to combine academic excellence in secondary education following the British National Curriculum with wellrounded development of its students.

The school is a full boarding co-educational institution. We have a highly qualified, experienced and an all rounded staff to drive the institution’s Vision, Mission and Objectives.


To be a model school that offers learning in a stimulating, friendly and multicultural environment where each learner is respected, nurtured and inspired to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development.


To Develop young men and women of high integrity who are resilient and adaptable; with a disposition to continue with higher education and become socially responsible citizens of the world.


We desire that our students may leave school with:

  • A complete set of basic skills including linguistic, Mathematical, Scientific, Artistic, Physical and social
  • An enquiring, discriminating mind and desire for knowledge.
  • A strong self esteem and high personal expectation.

Why Choose Naisula School?


At Naisula School, we believe it is important to act with integrity. In this regard, we place high value on the virtues of being truthful and honest, even when this is difficult. We teach our students to master the courage of standing up for what is right


We also believe it is important to persevere, to be resilient, to work with determination, to strive for success even when we encounter challenges that can sometimes be discouraging.


We believe this begins with a sense of self worth and appreciation. Self respect keeps us from doing anything that we would be ashamed of. Self respect teaches us to respect others, in our community, our environment and the world in general.


We aim to be a community that acknowledges, respects, tolerates and accommodates the differences that exist in mankind, including, religion, culture, sex and race. There is beauty in diversity and this should be nurtured for the common good.

Pastoral Care