Key Stage 5


Key Stage 5 is designed to prepare students for University and Tertiary Education. All the subjects offered at this level aim to broaden and deepen the academic and intellectual experience of the students with a much more adult approach to study.

Students sit for their Advance Subsidiary (AS) examinations at the end of Year 12 and A2 examinations at the end of Year 13 and can then proceed for further education in Universities across the globe.

At Key stage 5, students are expected to develop effective study, research and presentation skills with a strong emphasis on self-discipline.


They are also encouraged to broaden their personal profiles beyond academic work into community service, work experience and other extra-curricular activities.

Students admitted to Naisula School for Advanced level studies must have at least five credits (grade C) at IGCSE and preferably, a grade ‘B’ in the subjects they wish to study at A level. They must also have a minimum of grade ‘C’ in Mathematics and English.

The following subjects are currently on offer: English, Psycology, Literature in English, Biology, History, Chemistry, Geography, Physics, Economics, Mathematics, Business Studies, Art and Design, Sociology and Applied ICT.

Why Naisula School?

At Naisula School, we believe it is important to act with integrity. In this regard, we place high value on the virtues of being truthful and honest, even when this is difficult. We teach our students to master the courage of standing up for what is right

We also believe it is important to persevere, to be resilient, to work with determination, to strive for success even when we encounter challenges that can sometimes be discouraging.
We believe this begins with a sense of self worth and appreciation. Self respect keeps us from doing anything that we would be ashamed of. Self respect teaches us to respect others, in our community, our environment and the world in general.
We aim to be a community that acknowledges, respects, tolerates and accommodates the differences that exist in mankind, including, religion, culture, sex and race. There is beauty in diversity and this should be nurtured for the common good.
Upon admission, each student is assigned to a class tutor who is responsible for monitoring all aspects of their progress. The class tutor keeps well updated reports about the student and works closely with subject teachers to ensure that every student is achieving his or her full potential in all areas of school life. All students are encouraged to bond well with their class tutors.


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